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Top 10 Things To Do In Grand Cayman

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

The Cayman Islands are tiny but beautiful. Situated in the Caribbean Sea, consisting of big Grand Cayman and little Cayman, just east of the big island. Most visitors will fly in to Georgetown, the Capital City of Grand Cayman, and stay on the big island. This is where a majority of excursions take place, popular resorts are located, and the famous seven mile beach.

If you planned a trip to Grand Cayman to simply relax off the grid, then no need to read any further. This is the perfect destination to relax on the beach and do absolutely nothing but sip cocktails and listen to the waves lightly crash against the beautiful white sand shoreline.


If you planned a trip to Grand Cayman and plan to do a little bit of relaxing and adventure, you came to the right spot. Grand Cayman offers a variety of water sports and activities, as well as unique experiences to the island, like the Cayman crystal caves or kayaking through bioluminescent bay. See below for the Top 10 Things to do in Grand Cayman


Top 10 Things to do in Grand Cayman:


Stingray City is a popular destination for travelers. Once in a lifetime opportunity to swim alongside and feed the beautiful Cayman Stingrays. These amazing animals are very comfortable with people, so there is no fear of being stung by them. Stingray City offers multiple tour options, and include snorkel gear and complimentary shuttle service to/from the marina. Here are the options and prices:

  • Stingray City, Coral Gardens, & Starfish Snorkel (3.5 hours) - $56 adults, $48 kids

  • Stingray City & Coral Gardens (3 hours) - $49 adults, $43 kids

  • Stingray City, Coral Gardens, & Turtle Adventure (4.5 hours) - $80 adults, $70 kids

  • Stingray City, Coral Gardens, & Turtle Lagoon (5 hours) - $95 adults, $75 kids

  • Turtle Lagoon half and full day tours (4-7 hours) - starting at $50 adults, $43 kids

  • Turtle Encounter (2.5 hours) - $31 adults, $26 kids

You can also do a Stingray City private tour, either half or full day. Click the link or picture above to go directly to the website to see all the tour options.


Grand Cayman offers incredible snorkeling and Scuba diving all over the island. If you do the Stingray City excursion, you will have an opportunity to snorkel around some beautiful coral reefs and see the marine life that live there. Most resorts offer snorkel gear either complimentary or for a small fee as well. You can swim right off the shoreline and see marine life and coral reefs not far off the coast. Scuba diving is also very popular, and there are many scuba diving tours through trip advisor. Click the link or image above for the top snorkel and scuba diving locations in Grand Cayman.


3. Seven Mile Beach

The most popular beach in Grand Cayman is the famous, award winning, seven mile beach. Seven mile beach is a long crescent of coral sand beach on the western end of Grand Cayman Island. You can walk the entire 7 miles, uninterrupted, from anywhere you are staying. I loved walking along seven mile beach and stopping at little beach bars to grab a drink or lunch, then relaxing on the sand. Tip - bring a small backpack with some snorkel gear, walk the entire distance, and stop to snorkel anywhere!


Grand Cayman Islands Brewery was launched in 2007. The beers that are brewed here have won many awards in the international arena and are the beers of choice in Cayman. The tours offered at Grand Cayman Brewery are offered Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 11am-4pm, and take about 20 mintues. The cost is $10 per adult over the age of 18 and includes 5 beer samples while learning about how the beer is brewed and packaged. Children under the age of 18 can tour with an adult for free. Be sure to book in advance, as walk-in are not permitted at this time. Click on the link or picture above to go directly to the website to book your tour.


These beautiful Crystal Caves are a relatively new tourist attraction in Grand Cayman. They are situated in a lush tropical forest, and a must-see when visiting. The tours last about 1.5 hours and take you through 3 caves and the surrounding tropical forest. Price is $40 for adults, and $30 for kids. Be sure to book in advance. Click the link or picture above to book directly on their website.


Experiencing bioluminescent bay in Grand Cayman is unforgettable. The blue algae lighting up the water as you slowly kayak in the dark is a thrilling experience. There are many tour options through trip advisor or viator, but I think Cayman Kayaks is the most reputable and reliable. Tours are in the evening, weather permitting, starting at 7:30pm. They last 1.5-2 hours and you must book in advance. Cost is $59 per person, minimum age of 6 years old. Click on the link or picture above to go directly to their website.


There are 4 popular shipwreck locations to snorkel or scuba dive in Grand Cayman. Click on the link or photo above to visit a travel blog that outlines these in detail. Here are the 4 shipwrecks:

  1. USS Kittiwake - $5 USD to snorkel and $10 USD to scuba dive here

  2. Cali Wreck - reachable from seven mile beach, in Georgetown Harbor

  3. Wreck of the Gamma (photo above) - Just 10 feet offshore from the Poinsettia Condos

  4. Geneva Kathleen - near barefoot beach on the less popular, east end of the island


8. Water Sports

Grand Cayman offers an unlimited number of water sports! From Jet skiing, to stand up paddle boarding, to parasailing. You name it, Grand Cayman probably offers it. Ask the concierge or front desk at your resort/hotel and they can connect you with local businesses that offer these water sports. Additionally, some resorts even offer rentals directly from them, set up on the beach for guests. Trip Advisor and Viator also offer tours.


This one may seem pretty obvious, but offshore fishing is a popular attraction for many visitors of the Cayman Islands. The Caribbean Ocean has a lot to offer, and there are many companies that charter boats for half or full day trips, either in groups or private charters. Fishing Booker is a great site that offers the best deals for fishing charters. Click on the link or picture above to go directly to their website.


10. Relax on the beach

How often do you really get a chance to disconnect from reality and let go of all your daily responsibilities? Grand Cayman is the perfect destination to sit back, relax, and do absolutely nothing. Even though you may be an adventurer, take at least a few hours to relax on the beach. Or better yet, buy a cheap float from a little shop along seven mile beach and take it into the water and just float!


I hope this guide of the Top 10 Things to do in Grand Cayman gave you some ideas that you you can pursue. Don't forget to bring or buy sunscreen! The Caribbean sun is no joke. I hope you enjoy your Cayman Islands adventure as much as I did.

Be sure to check out this Ultimate Grand Cayman Itinerary that also includes a guide for the best places to eat and stay in Grand Cayman.



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