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Where To Stay In Moorea - Moorea Accommodations

Shaped like a big W, Moorea is a volcanic island in French Polynesia, just 11 miles northwest of Tahiti. Walking on to the island of Moorea, you will feel like you have entered an island jungle paradise. It is so scenically striking and boasts a plethora of activities for any traveler. With its relaxing vibe, adventurous spirit, and easy accessibility, Moorea is one of the most visited islands, following Tahiti and Bora Bora. Moorea offers an abundance of accommodations, including high end resorts, budget hotels, Airbnbs, and dorm-style housing.

Moorea Accommodations - Where to Stay in Moorea?

First and foremost, how do you get to Moorea? You will fly in to Papeete, Tahiti and take a boat ferry from Papeete to Moorea, which is a quick 30 minutes. Once you arrive on the island of Moorea, you have a handful of options to choose from in terms of getting around. If you are staying at a resort, contact the resort with your anticipated arrival time prior, and a resort shuttle will pick you up. You can also rent a car or scooter, although these options are expensive. Biking is also a common way to get around. If you are staying at an Airbnb, contact your host in advance for transfers. Most recommend renting a car. Moorea has a long road, called the "ring road" that circles the entire island. Renting a car is a good idea if you plan to explore all of Moorea self-guided.

Where to stay in Moorea

Here is a list of the best resorts and accommodations in Moorea:


High End Resorts & Hotels

By far the most common option for staying in Moorea. Many resorts, including well-known brand names, are available on the island of Moorea. The price range for the most luxurious four and five star resorts is $200-$1000+ a night, depending on room or villa preference. This is a wide range, so keep reading below to see the top 5 luxury resorts:

1. Sofitel Kia Ora Moorea Beach Resort

Located on the east end of the island, close to the airport, Sofitel Kia Ora Resort offers a wide variety of accommodations. Garden villas, beach bungalows, and those Instagram-worthy overwater bungalows can be found at the Sofitel Kia Ora. Prices starting as low as $300/night.

2. Villa Bellavista

Villa Bellavista is a luxury guesthouse located on the east end of the island, not far from the airport. Villa Bellavista sits up high, above the Sofitel, overlooking the beautiful lagoon and the island of Tahiti in the distance. There are only two bedrooms, and they book up quickly! Relax in the infinity pools and enjoy the ultimate quiet oasis. Prices in the low $300/night.

3. Manava Beach Resort & Spa

Located on the north side of the island, Manava beach resort is situated directly on the water, boasted beautiful overwater bungalows, beach villas, and garden suites. Relax on the private beach or dine by one of the outdoor infinity pools. Prices starting in the $300/night range and increase based on villa location preference.

4. Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort

Located on the north side of the island, surrounded by crystal clear waters, the Hilton Moorea is the largest and most luxurious resort on the island of Moorea. With endless overwater bungalows, and featuring the only overwater restaurant in all of Moorea. Prices starting around $480/night.

5. Hotel Fenua Mata'i'oa

Located on the northwest end of the island, at the edge of a turquoise lagoon. This hidden paradise tells a beautiful story of serenity and truly dives into the Polynesian culture. Hotel Fenua Mata'i'oa offers suites overlooking the water and in the magical Garden of Eden. Prices starting around $260/night.


Budget Hotels

There are many budget hotels available on the island of Moorea. They may not boast those picturesque overwater bungalows or the best views of the lagoon, but they still give you that genuine island vibe. Beaches and water/land activities are still easily accessible for all of these hotels. Here are the top 10 budget hotels, all prices starting under $200/night.

Located very close to the airport. Nice rooms and a few villas. Short walk to the beach.

Charming luxury guesthouse overlooking the beautiful lagoon.

Unique hotel located in the valley, surrounded by a tropical forest and lush mountain peaks.

Beautiful, updated hotel with gorgeous lagoon views.

Located on the west side of the island, on a private beach. Many water activities available.

Situated on the beach, surrounded by turquoise lagoon waters and white sand beaches.

12 white-washed bungalows along a white sandy beach, facing the lagoon.

Located on the "wild side" of the island (southwest), great for nature lovers.

By the lagoon, on the southern end of the island. Authentic and family-style.

Located on the beach near village of Afareaitu. Offers bungalows with full kitchenettes.



There are quite a few Airbnb options on the island of Moorea. Starting at $15/night for a private room in a local's home, $100/night range for an entire place, and over $1,000/night for a premium luxury home on the water. Some options include amenities like bikes, kayaks, paddleboards, and snorkel gear for guests to use at no cost. If you are looking to live like a local, cook at home, and not be bothered by other hotel guests, then an Airbnb option would be a great choice. Click HERE to explore Airbnb's in Moorea.


Dorm-style low cost housing (hostels)

Moorea offers a couple of options for dorm-style housing, or hostels. The two most popular hostels are Hostel Fare Maheata Guesthouse and Moorea Surf Inn. Starting around $60 per person and increase based on room-style preference. The hostels feature shared bathrooms, or option for private bathroom at Moorea Surf Inn.


Regardless of where you choose to stay on the island of Moorea, you will have access to the gorgeous lagoon, beaches, and unlimited water and land activities. There are many hikes on Moorea, and options for horseback riding or ATV tours. Embrace the island life and experience the true culture of the locals. Food trucks and local eateries are walking or biking distance from most resorts, so definitely check those out too.

My personal top 3 choices for Moorea accommodations are as follows:

  1. Hilton Moorea Resort and Spa

  2. Sofitel Kia Ora Moorea Beach Resort

  3. Manava Beach Resort and Spa


I hope this guide helps! Check out my French Polynesian Itinerary for a complete guide of where we stayed, what we did, and recommendations.

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