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Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, & Phi Phi Islands

12 days, 11 nights


HIGH SEASON - Heavily populated

  • Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, March, April (Fall/Winter/Spring)

SHOULDER SEASON - slightly less populated, rainy season

  • May, June, July, Aug, Sept (Summer)

LOW SEASON - There really isn't a low season

  • June-Sept is Monsoon season, but doesn't stop travelers


The weather in Thailand is fairly consistent year round


    • Hi 88°F - 95°F (​31°C-34°C), Low 70°F - 79°F (21°C-26°C)


    • H​i 82°F - 99°F (28°C-37°C), Low 59°F - 75°F (15°C-24°C)


    • Hi 86°F - 91°F (30°C-33°C), Low 72°F - 77°F (22°C-25°C)​


THB - Thai Baht (0.033 US Dollar)

Credit Cards - most credit cards are accepted.

It is important to carry Thai Baht money with you.

Languages Spoken



When did we go?

NOVEMBER - Thailand is HOT year round. November was a good time because the days were warm and the evenings had a refreshing chill.

Sea Temperature

Year round, the sea temperature remains consistent between 82°F to 86°F (28°C-30°C). 

Budget $-$$

Thailand is one of the most budget-friendly countries you can travel to. Accommodations are very affordable, food is inexpensive (we had a meal for $0.67 USD, no joke!), and transportation is either complimentary or just a few Thai Baht. Excursions are average price, and most are booked through Trip Advisor or Viator. Thailand can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be!

Be sure to check out this guide for detailed information on airlines, accommodations, food, things to do, and more!

Thailand Itinerary

Day one


Flying Day

  • Overnight flight from JFK (New York) to Taipei, Taiwan via EVA Air

    • Duration of flight - 16h, 10m

    • Duration of layover - 3h, 15m

Day two
Flying Plane


Flying Day

  • Fly from Taipei, Taiwan to Bangkok, Thailand via EVA air

    • Overnight flight from Taipei to Bangkok 

    • Duration of flight - 3h, 55m

Day three


Check in to Hotel + Explore Bangkok

  • Arrive at Bangkok Airport at Midnight​​

  • Take cab from Airport to Hotel Muse in downtown Bangkok, Langsuan district

    • Duration - 35 minutes​

    • Cost - 360THB ($11 USD)


  • Take BTS Skytrain to explore the Grand Palace, Wat Arun, Wat Pho, and Wat Phra Kaew

    • BTS Skytrain - easy to use and a few thai baht ​

    • Temple entrance fee - 150THB ($5 USD)

    • STRICT DRESSCODE - full length pants/skirt and shoulders covered. If you are not wearing the appropriate attire, you can rent a wrap on site for $5 USD

  • Head back to hotel Muse via teak boat over the Chao Phraya River

  • Grab dinner at Cabbages and Condoms (we couldn't resist the name!)

  • Head back to Hotel Muse and grab drinks at the Bangkok Rooftop bar (incredible city views)

Day four


Follow Me Bangkok Bike Tour

  • Excursion : Follow Me Bangkok Bike Tour via their website - Siam Boran Culture Tour

    • Duration - 4.5 hours (8:30am-1pm), cab to bike shop

    • Cost - 1300THB ($40 USD) per person (includes bike, lock, and drinks)

    • Pay in advance online with credit card, or in-person on day of tour with cash (thai baht only)

  • Explore Bangkok on foot (self-guided)

  • Head back to Hotel Muse and relax by the infinity pool overlooking the city

  • Grab dinner at rooftop bar/restaurant at hotel

Day five


Fly to Chiang Mai + Explore Old City

  • Take cab from Hotel Muse to Bangkok Airport

    • Duration - 35 minutes​

    • Cost - 360THB ($11 USD)

  • Fly from Bangkok to Chiang Mai via Bangkok Airways

    • Duration of flight - 1h 15m (nonstop)​

  • Take cab from Chiang Mai Airport to U Chaing Mai Hotel (Chiang Mai Old City District)

    • Duration - 20 minutes​

    • Cost - 300THB ($10 USD)

  • Get a massage at Lila Thai Massage (ex-inmate employment center - check out my blog!)

    • Duration - 1 hour​

    • Cost - 300THB ($10 USD)

  • Lunch from a street cart vendor - 20THB ($0.67 USD)

  • Explore Chiang Mai Old City, Temples, Statues, etc...

  • Grab dinner at The Service 1921

    • James Bond themed restaurant

  • Take a tuk tuk back to U Chiang Mai Hotel

    • Cost - 100THB ($3.30 USD)​

Day six


Elephant Nature Park

  • Excursion: Elephant Nature Park, Half Day 8:30am-3:30pm via Trip Advisor

    • Duration - 7 hours ​(including drive time)

    • Cost - 2500THB ($83 USD) per person

    • Complimentary pick up from Hotel

    • Full spread Thai lunch included at Elephant Nature Park (delicious)

  • Clean up, shower, and head out to explore

  • Get another Thai massage!

  • Chiang Mai Night Bazaar - Dinner here too


Day seven


Trekking + Fly to Phuket

  • Ask hotel front desk to hold luggage (will be on excursion during checkout)

  • Excursion: Mike's Authentic Trekking, 1 day trek 7:30am-4:30pm (HIGHLY recommend)

    • Duration - ​9 hours (including drive time) 

    • Cost - 2000THB ($66 USD) per person

    • Homemade Thai Lunch included

  • Grab luggage from hotel

    • ask to use facilities to shower quickly

  • Take cab from Hotel to Chiang Mai Airport

    • Duration - 20 minutes​

    • Cost - 300THB ($10 USD)

  • Fly from Chiang Mai to Phuket via Thai AirAsia

    • Duration of flight - 2h, 5m (nonstop)​

  • Take cab from Phuket Airport to Nook Dee Boutique Resort, Kata Noi Beach

    • Duration - ​1 hour

    • Cost - 800THB ($26.50 USD)​​

Day eight


Cooking Class + Patong Nightlife

  • Excursion: Kata Thai Cooking Class, Private class via Trip Advisor

    • Duration - 2 hours​

    • Cost - $68.05 per person

  • Head out to Kata Noi Beach (relax, surf)

  • Grab lunch at Kata Beach Bar

  • Head to Patong Beach (street full of bars, nightlife, crazy people)

    • Grab dinner and drinks here​

  • Explore the nearby markets

Day nine


Explore Phuket, Beachside

  • Head out to the beach for the day​​

    • Some days there is decent surf on Kata Noi Beach and you can rent a board​

  • Pre-booked Dinner : Mom Tri's Kitchen​

    • Complimentary hotel shuttle to restaurant​


DAY 10

Ferry to Phi Phi Islands + Captain Bob's Booze Cruise


  • Take cab from hotel to Rassada Pier

    • Duration - 40 minutes​

    • Cost - 400THB ($13 USD)

  • Pre-Book Ferry from Rassada Pier to Tunsai Pier in Phi Phi Islands (many ferry options)​

    • Duration - 2 hours​

    • Cost - 470THB ($15.50 USD) per person

    • Must arrive at pier ONE HOUR before departure

  • Walk from Tunsai Pier into Phi Phi Village and to the hotel

  • Check in to P.P. Palmtree Resort 

  • Excursion: Captain Bob's Booze Cruise

    • Duration - 6 hour​s (1pm-7pm)

    • Cost - 2500THB ($83 USD) per person

    • Check in 30 minutes before (12:30pm)

    • Includes: Pre/Post Party, Maya Bay (The Beach), Monkey beach, Pileh Lagoon, Loh Samah Bay, Snorkeling, Paddleboarding, lunch, and more

Day ten

DAY 11

Longtail Boat Rental + Explore

  • Private longtail boat charter (highly recommend)

    • Duration​ - 3 hours

    • Cost - 2000THB ($66 USD) total for the day

    • Includes snorkel locations, tour around islands, and private beach

  • Explore Phi Phi Village

  • ​Grab a delicious curry dinner from any of the local spots​

Day eleven
Day twelve

DAY 12

Morning Hike + Return Home

  • Phi Phi Island Viewpoint Hike

    • Duration​ - 20 minutes (0.9 miles)

  • Pre-Book Ferry from Tunsai Pier to Rassada Pier in Phuket (many ferry options)​

    • Duration - 2 hours​

    • Cost - 470THB ($15.50 USD) per person

    • Must arrive at pier ONE HOUR before departure

  • Take cab from Rassada Pier to Phuket Airport

    • Duration - 1 hour

    • Cost - 750THB ($25 USD)

  • Fly from Phuket Airport to Bangkok Airport via Bangkok Airways

    • Duration - 1h, 25m (nonstop)​​​

Day thirteen

DAY 13

Flying Day

  • Fly from Bangkok to Taipei, Taiwan via EVA Air

    • Duration - 3h, 35m​

    • Layover - 1h, 10m

  • Fly from Taipei, Taiwan to New York, USA via EVA Air

    • Duration - 14h, 45m​

Be sure to check out this GUIDE for detailed information on airlines, excursions, adventure, food, and more!

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