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St. Augustine, FL

 3 days, 2 nights


HIGH SEASON - very populated, warm weather

  • June, July, Aug, Sept - ​warmest temperatures (Summer)

    • Hi 86°F - 90°F (30°C-32°C)

    • Low 72°F - 74°F (22°C-23°C)

    • Ocean Temperature : 82°F - 86°F (27°C-30°C)

SHOULDER SEASON - slightly less people, cooler weather

  • March, April, Oct, Nov - warm days, chilly nights (Spring/Fall)

    • Hi 73°F - 80°F (23°C-26°C)

    • Low 54°F - 64°F (12°C-18°C)

    • Ocean Temperature : 68°F - 75°F (20°C-24°C)

  • Dec, Jan, Feb - cool days, cold nights (Winter)

    • Hi 66°F - 68°F (18°C-20°C)

    • Low 45°F - 50°F (7°C-10°C)

    • Ocean Temperature: 64°F - 68°F (18°C-20°C)

HURRICANE SEASON - June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov

When did we go?

NOVEMBER - the weather was a combination of sunny and warm, and windy and cold. The wind was coming from an offshore tropical storm. But being a native Floridian, "we ain't scared of no hurricanes!"  Kidding - they are serious, sometimes. Beach was empty, but downtown St. Augustine was still busy with crowds.

 Tip - Don't forget to catch a sunrise!

Budget $$

St. Augustine is very budget friendly. Hotels/Airbnb's along the beach and in downtown St. Augustine are pretty affordable. Of course you have your 5 star hotels that aren't so much, but a lot are in the $100-$200 range per night, even less for some Airbnb's. Tons of food options to fit every budget. I prefer to stay on the beach, as downtown is only a short 10 minute drive and the beach is much more quiet and private this time of year. Keep in mind that parking downtown is free if you get there early, or up to $20 for the day in designated parking lots.

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Arrive in St. Augustine + Beach​​

  • We live in Florida, so St. Augustine is just a 2 hour drive from us 

  • If flying in, here are your airport options:

    • Jacksonville Airport - 1 hour drive​

    • Orlando Airport - 2 hour drive

    • Jacksonville airport is harder to get to. Orlando airport usually has better travel deals

  • Rent a car and drive to St. Augustine Beach

  • Check in to Embassy Suites on the beach

    • This isn't your typical Embassy Suites - it's a relatively new, beautiful beach resort

  • Explore resort and beach

  • Dinner at Baitong Thai and Sushi - delicious sushi!



Downtown St. Aug + Ghost Tour


  • Early wake up to catch the sunrise!

  • Breakfast at the Kookaburra

    • 15 minute walk from hotel​

  • Drive in to downtown St. Augustine (10m)

  • Explore George Street - located in the middle of downtown, lots of history here

  • Lunch at Maple Street Biscuit Company

  • While downtown, stop to see:

    1. Black Raven Pirate Ship​

    2. Old St. Augustine Village Museum

    3. Ximenez-Fatio House Museum

    4. St. Augutine Distillery

    5. Flagler College

  • Grab a glass of wine at Casa De Vino 57

  • Dinner at St. Augustine Seafood Company

  • Excursion: Walking Ghost Tour via Viator

    • Cost - $25 USD​

    • Duration - 1h, 30m

    • Family friendly, spooky and comical



Castillo de San Marcos +

Anastasia State Park​​

  • Breakfast at Island Donuts

    • 5 minute walk from hotel​

  • Check out of hotel

  • Drive to Anastasia State Park (5m)

    • $8 per vehicle​

    • Explore and walk boardwalk

  • Drive to downtown St. Augustine (5m)

  • Park near Castillo de San Marcos Monument​​

    • If you already saw this on the ghost tour, then feel free to skip​

    • $15 per adult (free for kids under 16)

  • Lunch at Harry's Seafood Bar & Grille

  • Head to airport to return rental car

  • Fly or drive back home

Be sure to check out these links below for detailed information on excursions, adventure, food, and more!

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