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Sedona, AZ

 3 days, 2 nights


HIGH SEASON - more populated, beautiful times of year

  • March, April, May - ​warm in day, cool at night (Spring)

    • Hi 65°F - 82°F (18°C-28°C)

    • Low 37°F - 49°F (2°C-9°C)

  • Sept, Oct - warm in day, cool at night (Fall)

    • Hi 88°F - 77°F (31°C-25°C)

    • Low 58°F - 48°F (14°C-9°C)

SHOULDER SEASON - slightly less people, cooler weather

  • Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb  - cooler, possibly snowfall (Winter)

    • Hi 59°F (15°C), Low 32°F (0°C)​

LOW SEASON - slightly less people, lower rates, hot in day

  • June, July, Aug - temps can be very high (Summer)

    • Hi 95°F (35°C), Low 62°F (16°C)

    • More family vacation tourists

When did we go?

NOVEMBER - the weather was PERFECT. Mornings were cool, days were warm, and nights were chilly. Not many crowds. Popular hiking trails were busy, but others were not. Tip - head to the more popular trails (like devil's bridge) early in the morning to beat the crowds and not have to wait in a long line for the iconic picture.

Budget $$$

The most expensive part of traveling to Sedona is renting a car. You could take a shuttle from Phoenix, but then you would be taking a cab or uber to get anywhere in Sedona. Hotels can be pricey, but I recommend an Airbnb, specifically if you can score any glamping-style tents. Sedona is relatively small, so wherever you stay, you will be close to town and hiking trails. Most restaurants are fairly priced. There are also plenty of grocery and convenient stores if you choose to cook at your hotel or Airbnb. I recommend picking up some items to take hiking (water, energy bars, etc...)

Refer to this post for the top 10 things to do in Sedona, Arizona >>>

Image by Leonardo Yip



Fly into Phoenix, Arizona​


  • Fly into Phoenix, Arizona (from Orlando, FL) via Southwest Airlines (evening flight)

    • Duration of flight - 4h, 50m (nonstop)

  • Pick up rental car​

  • Check in to Scottsdale Old Town Marriott (city just outside of Phoenix)

    • We chose to fly in the night before so we could have 3 full days in Sedona




Drive to Sedona + Hiking


  • Drive to Sedona, AZ from Scottsdale, AZ

    • Duration - 2 hours​

  • Hike - Devil's Bridge

  • Lunch at the Golden Goose

  • Check into Airbnb - We rented a tent on a creek

    • info coming soon

  • Excursion: Star Gazing Tour via Evening sky tours

    • Duration - 2 hours​

    • Cost - $117 per person




Hiking + Dinner at Elote Cafe


  • Hike - Cathedral Rock Trail

  • Lunch at Hideaway House (highly recommend)

  • Hike - Bell Rock Trail and Baby Bell Trail

  • Head back to Airbnb to shower and clean up

  • Dinner at Elote Cafe (highly recommend)

    • Read more about this on the blog: Sedona Eats​



Hiking + Drive back to Scottsdale


  • Hike - Huckaby Trail

  • Lunch at Hideaway House... again (because it was THAT good and the views are awesome)

  • Explore downtown Sedona, Arts & Crafts Village (Tlaquepaque)

  • Drive back to Scottsdale

  • Check in to Scottsdale Old Town Marriott

  • Dinner at Cien Agaves Tacos & Tequila




Fly Back Home


  • Check out of hotel

  • Return rental car

  • Fly from Phoenix, AZ, to Orlando, FL via Southwest Airlines

    • Duration​ - 3h, 55m (nonstop)


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