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Los Angeles, California

 4 days, 3 nights


HIGH SEASON - heavily populated, lots of families visiting

  • June, July, Aug, Sept - ​warmest months, summer for the U.S.

    • Hi 84°F (29°C)

    • Low 62°F (16°C)

SHOULDER SEASON - slightly less populated

  • Oct, Nov, March, April, May - Fall/Spring

    • Hi 68°F - 78°F (20°C-25°C)

    • Low 54°F - 60°F (12°C-15°C)

  • Dec, Jan, Feb - ​cooler temperatures, most rainfall

    • Hi 68°F (20°C)

    • Low 49°F (9°C)

LOW SEASON - there is no low season

  • LA/Hollywood is a year round sought after destination. It will feel busy any time of year, but peak during the summer months

When did we go?

JULY - Peak tourist season and peak of summer. The weather was absolutely perfect. Sunny all day, a slight chill at night. Hollywood was slammed with people. Outskirts near Burbank, Malibu, and East Hollywood were mildly populated. TIP - Book accommodations early, and dining reservations if you have a specific popular restaurant in mind. Some book up months in advance.

Budget $$$$

Ahh California. The only state where you can snow ski in the mountains, then drive 3 hours south and relax on the beach. Sounds great, until you realize how expensive it is - Yikes! Good news is that it's manageable for a weekend getaway. Hotels near attractions are pricey, but you can get an Airbnb for relatively cheap. We opted for a hotel due to using Marriott Reward Points, but I prefer Airbnb. I would recommend renting a car. LA is huge, not a walkable city with easy public transportation like NY or Chicago.

Refer to this post for a list of the top things to do in Los Angeles  >>>



Fly into Cali + Burbank Hike


  • Fly into Burbank, California via Southwest Airlines

    • Duration of flight - 7h, 40m (1 hour layover)​

    • Take an early flight to enjoy the day in Cali

  • Complimentary shuttle from Burbank airport to Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel

    • Duration - 5 minutes​

  • Check into hotel, get settled

  • Hike: Vital Link Trail in Wildwood Canyon Park

    • Take Uber to Vital Link trailhead​ 

      • Duration - ​15 minutes

    • 3.2 Mile out and back trail (moderate)

    • TIP - Bring sun protection, entire trail open

  • Dinner - grab in-and-out burger on the drive back (obligatory California delicacy!)



Griffith Park + Malibu​​

  • Early wake up - breakfast at hotel

  • Check out and shuttle back to airport

  • Pick up rental car and drive to Griffith Park

    • Duration - 25 minutes​

    • Arrive early to get street parking before it fills up! Open from sunrise until 10pm

  • Hike: Griffith observatory Peak Trail

    • 4 miles out and back trail (moderate)​

    • Bring sun protection, water, and snacks

  • Drive up Canyon Lake Drive to Lake Hollywood Park to catch best views of Hollywood Sign

    • Most hiking trails to the iconic Hollywood sign are closed due to human pollution and mischief​

  • Lunch at The Sandwich Shoppe 

  • Drive to Malibu Beach along Pacific Coast Hwy

    • Duration - 20 minutes

  • Stop at Malibu Pier - explore and relax on beach

  • Dinner at any local Malibu Restaurant

  • Drive back and check in to LA Airport Marriot Hotel - 35 minutes



Rasta Bus Tour + East Hollywood​​

  • Early wake up - drive to Venice Beach

    • Duration - 18 minutes​

  • Grab coffee/breakfast at Menotti's coffee stop

  • Excursion: Rasta Bus LA Full Day Tour - 9am

    • Picks up near Venice Beach​

    • Along the Way:

      • Beverly Hills

      • Rodeo Drive

      • Celebrity Neighborhoods

      • Griffith Observatory

      • Hollywood Walk of Fame

      • The Grove for Lunch

      • Santa Monica Pier

  • Dinner in West Hollywood at Kai Ramen

    • less crowded are with delicious food options, more trendy area of Hollywood​



Fly Back Home


  • Check out of hotel

  • Return rental car at Los Angeles Airport (LAX)

  • Fly from Los Angeles (LAX) to Orlando, FL

    • Duration of flight - 7h, 10m (1 hour layover)​

  • Note - we flew into Burbank and out of Los Angeles because it was more conducive to our plans during the trip. We picked up rental vehicle from Burbank airport and dropped it off at LAX airport

Be sure to check out these links below for detailed information on snow sports, adventure, food, and more!

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