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Rim to Rim Backpacking Trip

2 days, 1 night (in the Canyon)

Seasons - South Rim

HIGH SEASON - heavily populated, warm

  • May, Sept - warm, dry​ (Spring/Fall meets Summer)

    • Hi 72°F (22°C), Low 40°F (4°C)

    • Inner Canyon: 95°F (35°C) +

  • June, July, Aug - hot, dry (Summer)

    • Hi 84°F (29°C), Low 48°F (8°C)

    • Inner Canyon - Hi 103°F (39°C) +

SHOULDER SEASON - slightly less crowded, cooler temps

  • March, April, October, November (Spring/Fall)

    • Hi 62°F (16°C), Low 34°F (1°C)

    • Inner Canyon: Hi 80°F (26°C) +

LOW SEASON - less crowded, cold temps (possible snowfall)

  • Dec, Jan, Feb - cold, dry (Winter)

    • Hi 43°F (6°C), Low 20°F (-7°C)

    • Inner Canyon: 57°F (14°C) 

Seasons - North Rim

The North Rim is only open May 15 - October 15. It is not nearly as populated as the South Rim, as it's tougher to get to.

HIGH SEASON - more populated, warmer temps

  • June, July, Aug, Sept - warmer, dry (Summer)

    • Hi 73°F (23°C), Low 42°F (5°C)

LOW SEASON - less crowded, possible snowfall

  • May, October - cold, unpredictable weather (Spring/Fall)

    • Hi ​60°F (15°C), Low 32°F (0°C)

When did we go?

SEPTEMBER (the last weekend). We experienced snowfall at the North Rim, and 80°F (26°C) + at the bottom of the Canyon.

Budget $-$$

Inexpensive trip once you get to the Park.

**IMPORTANT** Refer to THIS PAGE for critical information regarding overnight camping in a National park.

The real beauty of the Grand Canyon lies below the rim




Fly into Phoenix, Arizona


  • Fly into Phoenix, AZ via any airline

    • We flew Southwest Airlines​

  • Pick up rental car and drive to Grand Canyon National Park

    • Duration - 3h 20m (very scenic route)

  • Check into Red Feather Lodge in Tusayan

    • 10 minutes outside of the Park - cheaper to stay than inside the park​

Day One
Day two



Obtain Permit + Shuttle to North Rim​​

  • 6:00am wake up! Drive into Grand Canyon National Park South Rim to be first in line to obtain a last minute, walk-in backcountry camping permit

    • please refer to this BLOG post for why we had to do this and what your options are

    • ​Park entrance fee - $35 USD per vehicle

    • If getting a last minute walk-in permit, it must be obtained the day BEFORE you plan to camp

    • Cost - $10 per permit + $8 per person per night camped below the rim

  • Park vehicle at Bright Angel Trailhead parking lot to leave overnight for 2 nights (no fee)

    • Leave​ any belongings locked in the trunk that you are not taking on the backpacking trip

  • Walk over to Bright Angel Lodge, where the shuttle to the North Rim picks up

  • Pre-book Trans-Canyon shuttle - (Orange Line) to the North Rim, 1:30pm departure

    • Check-in time is 30 minutes prior to shuttle departure (1:00pm)

    • Duration - 4h 30m​ (scenic drive)

    • Cost - $90 USD per person

  • Arrive at Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge at 6:00pm

  • Check in to North Rim Lodge to stay the night before the hike begins (cabins or rooms)

  • Grab dinner at the Main Lodge (watch sunset)

Day three



HIKE - North Kaibab Trail to Bright Angel Campground, 14 Miles

  • 5:00am - early wake up call!​

  • Grab breakfast tacos and coffee at Roughrider Saloon (opens at 5:30am)

  • 5:45am - shuttle departs from Grand Canyon Lodge to North Kaibab Trailhead

    • Duration - 10 minutes​

    • Complimentary if stayed at Lodge 

    • You MUST reserve your spot on this shuttle 24 hours in advance

  • 6:00am - Arrive at North Kaibab Trail 

  • Hike from North Kaibab Trailhead to Bright Angel Campground - see post below 

  • Arrive at Bright Angel Campground and secure site - first come first serve

  • Place paper hiking permit in designated box at campsite and set up tents before the sun sets

  • Walk over to Phantom Ranch Canteen and grab an adult beverage

  • Unpack your dinner (and wine!) and feast

    • I can't be the only hiker to put an entire bottle of wine into a small hydration bladder!​

  • Take a dip/bathe in Bright Angel Creek (burrr!)

  • Enjoy the crisp air and stars that light up the sky

  • Night Night.

On the hike from North Kaibab to Bright Angel Campground,

you will see (in order):

  1. Supai Tunnel

  2. Roaring Springs

  3. Manzanita Rest Area

  4. Cottonwood Campground

  5. Ribbon Falls

  6. Trail Junction

  7. Bright Angel Campground

Day four



HIKE - Bright Angel Campground to Bright Angel Trailhead, 10 Miles

  • 4:45am - early wake up call!

  • 5:00am - Pre-book hot breakfast at Phantom Ranch Canteen, optional

    • Cost - $25 USD per person​

    • Be sure to reserve well in advance

  • Pick up sack lunch for the day, optional

    • Cost - $22 USD per person​

    • Be sure to reserve in advance

  • Pack up tent, belongings, and begin hike

  • Hike from Bright Angel Campground to Bright Angel Trailhead, South Rim

  • Celebrate an amazing feat!

  • Grab hot food at any restaurant nearby

  • Hop in car and drive back toward Phoenix Airport

    • Scottsdale, AZ is where we stayed

  • Check into Hilton Scottsdale Resort

  • Grab late dinner at Cien Agaves Tacos and Tequila

  • Sleep like a baby


On the hike from Bright Angel Campground to Bright Angel Trailhead, you will see (in order):

  1. Colorado River

  2. Pipe Creek Beach

  3. Indian Garden Campground

  4. Side Hike to Plateau Point

    • 3 miles out and back trail

  5. 3 Mile Resthouse

  6. Mile and a half Resthouse

  7. Bright Angel Trailhead

Day five



Fly Back Home​​

  • Check out of Hilton Resort

  • Drive to PHX airport

  • Return rental car

  • Fly back home - Orlando, FL for us

    • Southwest Airlines​

Be sure to check out THIS PAGE for critical information regarding camping overnight in a national park

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