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Buena Vista, CO

 3 days, 2 nights


HIGH SEASON -  more populated, Summer & Winter

  • June, July, Aug, Sept - ​warm in day, cool at night (Summer)

    • Hi  74°F - 82°F (23°C-28°C)

    • Low 42°F - 50°F (5°C-10°C)

  • Dec, Jan, Feb, March - cold, snowy (Winter)

    • Hi 40°F - 48°F (4°C-8°C)

    • Low 10°F - 22°F (-12°C- -5°C)

SHOULDER SEASON - slightly less people, fall foliage

  • Oct, Nov - cool days, chilly nights (Fall)

    • Hi 50°F - 60°F (10°C-15°C)

    • Low 20°F - 30°F (-6°C- -1°C)

LOW SEASON - slightly less people, rainy season

  • April, May - cool weather, some rain (Spring)

    • Hi 56°F - 66°F (13°C-19°C)

    • Low 27°F - 36°F (-3°C- 2°C)

When did we go?

SEPTEMBER - End of September, so we were almost in shoulder season. Hikes were not packed, many campsite options, and the weather was wonderful. Sunny days in the upper 60s followed by very cold night temperatures. Tip - Bring extra blankets to bundle up by the fire and in your tent throughout the night.

Budget $$

Car camping at a free campsite costs $0. The main expensive will be your rental car and flight to Denver. From Orlando, we have flown multiple airlines at under $80 each way to Denver. Rental car prices will vary. Downtown Buena Vista is a quaint little town, offering dining options to fit every budget. There is also a full grocery store in town where you stock up on food. TIP - buy a $3 Styrofoam cooler at the grocer, and a bag of ice. Store foods in the cooler at your campsite/in your car. Temperatures are cool enough this time of year to keep your perishables cold. We did this with eggs, bacon, and cream cheese to make breakfast sandwiches.

Refer to this post for great hikes in the Buena Vista Area >>>



Fly into Denver + Hike


  • Fly into Denver, Colorado (early) from Orlando, FL

    • Duration of flight - 4h, 5m (nonstop)

    • Via Southwest Airlines

  • Pick up rental car​

  • Drive to Buena Vista

    • Duration - 2h, 30m​

  • Stop by City Market to stock up on food and drinks

    • They have an awesome craft beer selection! 

  • Drive to campsite

    • Coordinates (38°55'09.3"N, 106°09'57.4"W)

    • Set up tent and belongings

  • Drive to Twin Lakes (30m)

  • Hike - Interlaken Trail

    • 4.6 miles out and back trail (easy)

    • Light traffic today, one saw a few other hikers

  • Dinner fireside at campsite



Hike + Downtown Buena Vista


  • Breakfast at campsite

  • Prepare and pack lunches for the hike today

    • PB&J, apple, chocolate, water, and a beer!​

  • Pack clean clothes in car to change in to after​​

  • Drive to North Fork Lake Trailhead

    • Duration - 30m​

  • Hike - North Fork Creek Lake Trail

    • 7.4 Mile out and back trail (moderate)​

  • Lunch at trail summit - beautiful hidden lake!

  • Rinse off at the North Fork Lake Creek at the base of the trail and change into clean clothes

  • Drive in to downtown Buena Vista (30m)

  • Dinner at Eddyline Restaurant at South Main

    • Delicious pizza and craft beers​

  • Head back to campsite



Drive back to Denver


  • Early wake up to catch the sunrise!

  • Breakfast at campsite

    • the best bacon, egg, and cheese bagels

  • Pack up campsite belongings and drive back to Denver Airport

  • Along the way, stop by:

    • Leadville and grab a coffee​

    • Leadville is an old mining town, and sits at an elevation of 10,152 feet

    • Many 14,000 foot peaks can be seen from the city center

  • Early lunch in Denver in the RiNo Art District

    • so many great spots here​

  • Return rental car

  • Fly back - Denver to Orlando via Southwest

    • Duration of flight - 3h, 33m (nonstop)​

Be sure to check out these links below for detailed information on hiking, food, and how to find a campsite.

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